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No big budget is needed to create interest.

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The Site

Suntech, a China-headquartered solar energy company, encourages engagement with its community projects on a single page. Suntech includes Community in the menu of the About section of its Americas regional site. The sub-section is a single page consisting of a short introductory overview and one-paragraph summaries of four stories to illustrate how the company and its technology “are changing lives and communities for the better”. Each summary is flanked by a photograph to the left and a Click for more button to the right. In each case, the Click for more button expands the summary within the page. For three of the four stories the expansion also brings up a video viewing screen; in two cases the footage features people in the recipient community, the third is a slideshow. It is made clear that much of the content is produced locally, with links provided to fellow-participant sites in two of the stories.

The Takeaway

Suntech achieves a level of engagement with its community involvement on a single page that most companies either fail to match or aspire to however expansive their coverage of corporate responsibility activities. There is no great secret or massive budget behind how it’s been achieved, just a commitment to use the medium to interest people in what the company is doing rather than merely inform them. The layout of the Community page is invitingly simple and uncrowded; the medium is exploited to expand the depth of the coverage on the page and introduce video; and much of the content is produced by or collaboration with the people and partner organisations involved.
First published 01 December, 2011
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