Comcast : Encouraging jobseekers to tweet questions

The US media and telecommunications company provides unusually direct contact routes on its Careers site.

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The feature

Pages throughout Comcast’s Careers website have a panel just above the footer titled ‘Got a question? We’re always online.’
This heading is followed by the caption: ‘Check our FAQs or connect with @ComcastCareers’. 
The caption contains links to an FAQs page dedicated to jobseekers, and to the company’s careers-specific Twitter feed. 
Comcast regularly replies to jobseekers’ queries posted on this feed.

The takeaway

The Comcast Careers site’s contact routes for jobseekers are unusually prominent and direct. 
This has two advantages. First, it conveys an impression of openness, which is likely to resonate well with all audiences. Second, it is a useful resource for jobseekers with questions about their application or other aspects of the recruitment process. 
Providing a clear signpost to an FAQs page alongside direct contact options is also sensible – because it will reduce the need for the HR team to repeatedly answer common queries. 
Moreover, Comcast’s contact provision highlights the benefits of a joined-up corporate communications strategy, in which the roles of the corporate website and social media channels complement rather than compete with one another.
First published 28 April, 2020
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