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The Swiss engineering giant provides comprehensive and informative online resources for customers.

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The feature

ABB has a prominent signpost to customer information on its corporate home page in the form of ‘What are you looking for?’ links, placed just below the main banner image. Collapsible panels labelled ‘Products and Systems’, ‘Service’, ‘Industries and utilities’ and ‘Contact’ expand to reveal alphabetised lists of products and services: eg, ‘High voltage products’, ‘PLC Automation’, ‘Robotics’, etc.

Most categories have a distinct landing page with a summary of the product or service, followed by links to a number of well-presented materials: embedded videos, blogs, case studies, very detailed product information. Much of the material is contained in ABB’s responsive template (and so reads well on a smartphone), which it appears to be in the process of rolling out across the web estate.

The takeaway

ABB’s customer information signposts are well placed, with the ‘What are you looking for’ links appearing above the scroll line on a smart phone screen, as well as on a standard desktop monitor. The menu labels and product and service categories are intuitive.

The range of decision-making material is impressive too. Taking the ‘Robotics’ landing page as an example, there are headings for ‘Highlights’ (links to ‘story’ material such as videos of ABB robots in action and a ‘Robotics blog’); ‘Our offerings’ (links to detailed specifications for different types of robots); ‘Latest news’ with links to robot-related product and industry announcements; ‘Case studies’ with links to client stories; and ‘Contact’ panels to get in touch with sales or service reps. Headlines are well written and inviting, eg ‘Introducing YuMi – the future of human-robot collaboration.’ Having so much information on the page could feel cluttered, but ABB makes good use of white space and attractive imagery so visitors do not feel overwhelmed.

Although the site appears to be in transition, with some products linking through to an older (and not as user-friendly) template, the new responsive customer pages achieve a good balance between having a modern look and feel while at the same time providing enough content to help customers make informed decisions.
First published 29 April, 2015
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