BP : Efficient online reporting

The energy giant produces highlights of its annual report in HTML and leaves deeper reading for the PDF.

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The feature

BP’s full annual report is available in PDF, but the single page summary on the corporate website is substantial, including a table of financial highlights; letters to shareholders from the chairman and chief executive; a discussion of challenges and the company strategy; and the company’s performance.

The summary uses click-to-expand menus for those that want more detail. Shorter portions of the report are also available in discreet PDFs.

The takeaway

This is a clever approach to putting annual reports online. A high-quality summary is less expensive than a full-blown HTML version and our surveys show that few people are interested in these anyway.

A link to the PDF only can look a little bleak though, so this is a nice compromise – providing a good flavour of the report without putting many resources into it.

First published 03 February, 2016
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