Luxottica : Educating analysts

A package of crash-course materials impresses.

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The feature

Luxottica, Italy based premium eyewear retailer, services investment analysts with added-value background information. Luxottica assembles a Financial Overview package that sits as the second item in its Investors section menu, preceded by Quick View, a summary of the business in four paragraphs and two bar charts. These are augmented by ‘related content’ links to a company profile, group overview and annual report. Financial Overview pulls together a set of files that covers Financial Data, Comparative Data, Main Indicators and Segemental information. While Financial Data gives a tabbed snapshot of the current quarterly results, the other elements of the package provide a historical perspective. Comparative Data, for example, charts 18 indicators (from Net sales and Cost of sales to Net Income) over the five most recent full years. Each of the presentations can be downloaded directly from the page in Excel format.

The takeaway

Luxottica sets its Investors stall out to appeal to financial analysts who don’t yet invest in the company but want to get up to speed on it. What they are after is a crash course in Luxottica and its potential as an investment – and what they get here is an impressive set of basic course materials. The range of data and time span covered is valuable of itself, but analysts will be at least as appreciative of the ease with which they can access the material and take it away for homework. In facilitating this by giving its briefing package a high profile in the section hierarchy and offering downloads in a format that analysts can easily import into their own systems, Luxottica shows that it understands the needs of this key audience as well as how to service them.
First published 13 November, 2012
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