Chime Communications : Dropping a clanger

An animated index adds absolutely nothing.

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The feature

Chime Communications, UK-based sports marketing and communications group, is unable to get across all a report’s messages.

Chime provides a graphic link from its home page and its Investor Relations landing page to its current CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Report (for 2011/12). The link launches a discrete report site that features an animated menu in the form of a ticker of uncaptioned graphics representing six sections of the site; the ticker is stopped and a section title (for example, Our community, Our business) revealed on mouseover of an image.

Clicking on an image launches a ‘Page not found’ page within the main corporate site and in the current browser window. Clicking the corresponding section in the report site’s conventional top navigation opens the section’s landing page in the report.

The takeaway

Chime sets itself up for multiple negative interpretations of its inability to get visitors from its animated graphics to report content – slipshod quality assurance, publish-and-ignore maintenance, a low CSRattention span – all of them unflattering and accentuated by its line of work. And it’s hard to find much mitigation in the fact that the company is, according to the report site’s home page, overhauling its reporting in this area – the static links to content still work just fine.

Beyond the sense of schadenfreude there may be a more sobering message for those web managers looking in. Could it be that the fault has gone unremarked for more than a year both within the company and by visitors (how else to explain its persistence?) because no one has bothered to try reaching content from the animation? The very fact the feature is baffling and adds nothing to the conventional elements on the page may well be its saving grace, providing Chime with some payback on an otherwise pointless investment.
First published 19 November, 2013
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