Daimler : Driving away applicants

A global tool lacks the local dimension it promises.

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The Site

Daimler, a Germany based vehicle manufacturer, has a global job search tool that stops jobseekers in their tracks. The Careers landing page of Daimler’s corporate site offers a Location search tool in the right-hand column. It allows details of the company’s worldwide locations to be accessed and browsed. Searches can be filtered by any of region (Europe, America etc), country, city and location type (for example, Production Plants, Sales Operations). Results when clicked present a pop-up box containing information on the location that can be navigated using three tabs – Location (which includes contact information and links to the local website), Entry Level and Jobs. For most locations outside of Germany the Jobs tab displays the message ‘Currently there are no job offers available at this location’. However, some locations that return this message are advertising job vacancies on their own site; for example, Daimler Trucks North America was listing 102 vacancies in its Careers section while the global location search showed ‘no job offers available’.

The Takeaway

At first sight Daimler’s location search tool promises to be a useful and informative feature, combining local details and vacancies. Applicants can find out if Daimler maintains a location nearby before continuing with their job search and application. At this point, though, the Jobs tab presents many with what appears to be a definitive ‘no vacancies’ message that does not, however, reflect the local state of recruitment. The inevitable result will be that many potential applicants abandon their search, leaving Daimler to count the cost of a badly implemented resource as well as of talent slipping through its net. Poor integration of the tool with individual location and country sites looks to be the root of the problem, whether for technical or governance reasons. A possible interim remedy would be to channel jobseekers to the local website, either by dropping the Jobs tab altogether or amending its message so that it offers a potential next step rather than stopping hopeful applicants dead in their tracks.

First published 10 November, 2011
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