BNP Paribas : Double duty

An interesting example of using the corporate website to talk to employees.

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The feature

BNP Paribas, the French financial services group, has an employee section on its corporate website. It is accessed via a ‘You are’ dropdown menu in the primary navigation with options for ‘employee’ amongst other conventional audiences – investor, job applicant, journalist, etc.

The page, which requires no log-in, says ‘Welcome to your personal space! Stay updated on everything.’ There are links to employee charity initiatives, videos, results of employee surveys, training (although one of these led to a ‘page not found’ error), and the company history.

The takeaway

Over the last 20 years, corporate websites and intranets have been through periods of separation and integration, and the current trend seems to be towards combining them.

The arguments against managing them together have always been that they are used for fundamentally different things – eg, the intranet is more of a set of employee tools than a communication channel, and it takes a different mindset to run one.

However, the arguments in favour have been that at least some of the material on intranets and corporate websites are the same, so why not save work by combining them. If the employee section is public it can also be a complement to Careers, showing jobseekers what they can expect if they join. Our research in visitor profiling shows that employees visiting corporate websites have similar goals as they would on the intranet, including to read company news or stories, look for jobs, research company policies or find out the share price.

If those arguments are persuasive, then BNP offer is an unusually comprehensive example.
First published 15 February, 2017
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