Nestlé : Divesting a Twitter feed

A Twitter pioneer discontinues its dedicated investor relations feed.

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The feature

Nestlé, the Swiss food giant, said on Friday that it will stop its dedicated investor relations (IR) feed, @nestle_IR, and merge it with the main corporate feed, @nestle, at some point this week. The company sent a few tweets over the previous two weeks warning its 936 followers that the move was imminent: ‘Don’t forget to follow @Nestle for all the latest company news!’

The takeaway

Nestlé was one of the first companies to set up a Twitter feed for investor relations, so it is significant that it has decided it is no longer worthwhile.

The feed never achieved great momentum, and was always something of an experiment. Just as corporate apps are now being quietly phased out, so the fashion for some social media channels is passing. The resources needed to keep up a good investor Twitter feed must be found, and justified. Some companies use StockTwits, a specialist Twitter platform for investors, but most are putting their efforts elsewhere.

The trick is to know which channels it is still worth following. Slideshare has a loyal following among companies who find it useful for spreading presentations, while LinkedIn is also getting some serious corporate use. In our view, the earliest form of social media, the blog, still has the most to offer.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how many people do transfer their loyalty from the IR feed to @nestle. The group will be able to get an idea from that just how valued the investor feed was.
First published 29 July, 2015
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