Amazon : Display of motion

Subtle moving images on the online retail giant’s US consumer home page could have applications for corporate websites.

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The feature

‘The dress shop’ on Amazon’s US consumer site is a panel that features – at the time of our recent visit – a moving image of a model showing off a dress. On a desktop or laptop display, the image begins to move automatically after the page has loaded, runs for less than 10 seconds, before returning to a fixed pose.

Unlike conventional uses of online video, there is no visible border between the moving image and the rest of the website; there is no option for sound; and clicking into the video links to a deeper page with more women’s dresses. There is no way to play the video again, unless the site is reloaded.

The takeaway

This low-key and well-integrated approach to online video could have applications for corporate websites, for example in About sections or product areas.

Moving images, when used in this understated way, are eye-catching (without being annoying); and much more effective than still images to display objects – whether they are dresses, or in a corporate context, oil drills, wind turbines or automobiles.
First published 17 February, 2016
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