Cemex : Directing sales prospects

Business leads are potentially passed on swiftly to the best contact.

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The feature

Cemex, Mexico-based building materials supplier, makes prominent use of a search tool to give quick access to local products and services contacts from its corporate site.

Cemex’s global Products & Services section is divided by type (for example, Cement, Trading) into eight sub-sections. Each includes a map-based Locations & Sales Contacts tool at the head of its right-hand column with dropdown filters for Country (32+ Global) and Product Type (4). Colour-coded location pins are shown on the tool’s map according to the filter settings. The filter’s four product type options (Aggregates, Cement, Concrete, Trading) are automatically set as the default within their corresponding sub-section; for the other four the setting is Product Type. On click, a location pin reveals a contact option (telephone number or local webpage) and link to a product page.

The global site’s main Contact Us page is built around an online contact form and has no links or pointers to the feature in Products & Services. The About Us section includes a Worldwide Locations tool similar in appearance to the one on Products & Services but without the product filter and with no mention of it in the accompanying text.

The takeaway

Many customers and potential customers searching for localised information and sales contacts come to a company’s global or corporate site as the easiest first port of call (punching ‘companyname.com’ into their browser). Cemex has the makings of a useful location finder service that can help it convert more of that traffic into orders by directing it quickly to the appropriate contact point. There are, though, flaws in the service that hinder its ability to deliver on its promise and could potentially have the opposite effect by frustrating users.

The problems can be broadly categorised as ones of design and maintenance. The location map’s dual filters are good as far as they go – four product types are not offered as options, with no ‘all’ category or advice on how to proceed for those looking for them. Signposts to the tool are also missing from the Contact Us and Worldwide Locations pages, both of which are site locations where enquirers might head in search of contact information. Within the tool itself many of the onward links to local pages returned ‘page not found’ errors, a clear indication of maintenance issues that will cause users random frustration and confusion.

First published 29 May, 2014
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