Goldman Sachs : Daily videos highlight people and trends

The US investment bank proves that online videos don’t need high production values to effectively convey knowledge and expertise.

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The feature

The ‘Insights’ section of Goldman Sachs’ corporate site has a subsection titled ‘The Daily Check-In’.
This houses a series of short (generally five to ten minute) videos, each featuring an interview with a Goldman Sachs analyst or researcher about a specific topic. 
The interviewers are conducted via video conference by the bank’s ‘global head of brand and content strategy’. 
Both the interviewer and the interviewee appear to be working from home.
Each video begins with the same professionally produced title motion graphics and music, but then take the form of a standard video conference recording, with no slides or other elements. 
Several new videos are published in the subsection every week: around 50 were published between September 2020 and late-January 2021. 
Topics range from ‘the outlook for vaccine distribution and global growth’, via ‘oil equities in 2021’, to ‘What’s next for Brazil’. 
Transcripts are provided for each video.

The takeaway

Goldman Sachs’ ‘daily check-in’ videos are effective in a number of ways.
First, they clearly communicate the breadth and depth of Goldman Sachs’ knowledge and expertise – in a way that likely to inform and engage potential clients, jobseekers and other high priority audiences. 
Second, the videos bring to life the people working at Goldman Sachs, putting a diverse range of human faces on the bank’s research and other activities.
Third, by adopting a simple video-conference format for the videos, Goldman Sachs has been able to produce them at a high frequency and low cost – even within the limitations imposed by home working.
First published 26 January, 2021
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