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A clever shortcut menu provides quick routes to popular services and contact information.

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The feature

A ‘Service & Contacts’ box appears on the Allianz corporate website home page just below the banner image, providing a concise set of signposts for the German financial services company’s main audience groups. ‘We value personal contact with you,’ it says, and has links to the company finder page, press pages, investor relations and careers. Tabs along the bottom let users sign up for the Allianz email newsletter, visit the FAQ page or download an investor relations mobile app.

The box appears throughout the website and is customised by area. For example, in the ‘Products & Solutions’ section the tabs cover ‘Local Contacts’ (a link to a company finder), ‘Global Contacts’ and ‘Economic Research’; investor relations (IR) has IR-specific contacts, links to investor services and the FAQ; the press section has quick links to social media channels, etc. Deeper within the site, the box collapses, with only the tabs appearing until the user expands the box manually or by clicking on a tab.

The takeaway

Innovating successfully with ‘signposts’ (the role of the corporate website to get visitors where they want to go as efficiently as possible) is rare, because effective navigation relies on following convention. The Allianz ‘services & contact’ box works well for two reasons. One, it provides shortcuts for users without compromising the site’s main system of getting around, and two, it clearly shows that web managers understand who their main visitors are and anticipates their needs.

The box is also executed well, with concise, jargon-free language and familiar navigational icons. The look and feel of the box remains the same wherever it is used on the site, even when the content has been adapted for different audiences. In addition to routing visitors where they want to go more quickly, by investing time and effort into contacts and frequent services, it sends the message, ‘we care about our stakeholders’.

For more examples of best practice in corporate website contacts pages, see this week’s commentary.
First published 04 February, 2015
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