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Links to commentary on external news sites burnish the bank’s economic credentials.

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The feature

An ‘In the News’ section on Goldman Sachs’s website highlights in-house expertise and underlines the US investment bank’s macroeconomic credibility.

The section sits within ‘Media Relations’ on the website, defaulting to a long list of scrollable ‘Current’ links starting in September 2014 and stretching back to January. An ‘Archive’ tab calls up another similarly scrollable page of links back to 2009. The clickable titles are straightforward signposts; for example, from 15 September 2014, ‘Huw Pill, Chief European Economist, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research, Interviewed on Bloomberg TV’ or from 2 September 2014: ‘Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Global Equity Strategist and Head of Macro Research in Europe, Interviewed on CNBC’. These links also appear, along with recent press releases, in a ‘Newsroom’ panel on the Media Relations landing page.

Many of the links lead to videos of Goldman spokespeople being interviewed on prominent global media outlets such as Bloomberg TV, CNBC or CBS. Some lead to Goldman by-lined op-ed pieces appearing in newspapers such as the Guardian, Telegraph or Wall Street Journal. The content is usually housed on the external media site, although some of the op-ed links stay within the Goldman estate and are reprints of material that appeared elsewhere. As would be expected, topics are exclusively related to business and finance, covering global and regional economic trends, energy sector investment, commodity prices, etc.

The takeaway

The steady stream of Goldman commentators appearing in the news (there are at least four links for each month in 2014) sends a positive message to journalists and others about the bank’s influence. The variety of well-known media outlets and Goldman commentators featured is also impressive.

Signposting relevant content on external news sites could have a number of other specific advantages:

• Greater credibility than press material held on Goldman’s own site.
• Provides a useful shortcut for journalists conducting research.
• Steers journalists and others towards positive external press coverage of the bank, possibly reducing the risk that visitors will come across less positive coverage.
• As noted above, it emphasises that the bank’s partners, managers, researchers and executives are acknowledged authorities on economic, business and investment issues of the day.

There are some small drawbacks with the section. These include: links opening in the same window, which makes finding the way back to the Goldman site more difficult than necessary; some of the headlines are too wordy, mainly because of the insistence on including full job titles; and the subject matter of the interview or op-ed could be briefly signposted to avoid clicking into a subject that isn’t of interest.

Overall, however, the section enhances Goldman’s image as a leader in global finance and could serve as a useful example for other companies with representatives that appear frequently on other online outlets.
First published 17 September, 2014
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