Capital Group : Counting kilowatts

An engaging real-time demonstration of environmental credentials.

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The Site

Capital Group, a US-based asset management company, has an engaging real-time demonstration of its environmental credentials. Capital Group describes various of its environmental programmes and projects in a sub-section of About us titled Green initiative. Among examples described is ‘Resource-efficient buildings’, which cites a solar energy system at the Irvine, California, office and provides an in-text link to ‘See how much solar energy is being created right now’. The link launches a third-party hosted website that provides a ‘dashboard’ view of the solar energy facility at the Irvine Campus. This includes: live data, shown on dials, of current and total energy generated; local weather conditions; total amounts of gas (petrol) and trees saved (from energy production and carbon offset respectively); and a graph of output that can be switched between minute-to-minute and three-day views. A separate interactive presentation shows How Solar Works.

The Takeaway

Most companies struggle to update evidence of their environmental friendliness more than once a year, in line with their reporting cycle. Capital Group positions itself at the other end of the timeline with its engaging minute-by-minute clocking of solar energy production. This kind of tool with its hypnotic live refreshes and interactive educational element is made for the medium (and vice versa) and is used here to illustrate environmental responsibility in an approachable way. The message that Capital Group is actually doing something tangible (as opposed to merely generating hot air) is there for all to see. Next step an app?
First published 06 September, 2011
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