Microsoft : Corporate governance at a glance

The US technology giant uses a simple online fact sheet to give visitors a clear overview of all governance metrics.

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The feature

The Investor Relations section of Microsoft’s sprawling web estate has a ‘Board & ESG’ sub-section, housing a Corporate Governance area.
The Corporate Governance landing page has a link to a ‘Corporate Governance Fact Sheet’. 
This fact sheet takes the form of a clearly presented online table, showing facts and figures relating to 30 corporate governance metrics, including ‘number of independent directors’, ‘number of financial experts on audit committee’ and details of whether Microsoft has specific policies and codes of conduct in place. 
Clicking on a link in each metric leads to further details, either elsewhere on the web estate or in Word documents.

The takeaway

Fact sheets are often provided in Media sections of corporate sites to provide journalists with quick company overviews. But they are rarely found in corporate governance sections.
Microsoft’s Corporate Governance Fact Sheet is worth emulating for a number of reasons. 
First, it provides ESG analysts and other visitors with a quick overview of all key governance metrics – saving them the hassle of digging around the section to build a complete picture.
Second, because each metric in the fact sheet contains a link to more detailed information, it serves as an effective ‘contents page’ for visitors conducting deeper research. 
Finally, because the fact sheet is provided in a responsive online template rather than in PDF, it is easy to access and read on mobile as well as desktop devices.
First published 08 September, 2020
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