Altria : Contacts for analysts

Detailed contact information for industry analysts covering the US tobacco company is an inexpensive way to show transparency.

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The feature

Altria provides detailed contact information for external financial industry analysts who follow the company, on the Industry Analysts page of its global website.

The page has a list of 13 international firms who follow Altria, with the names, phone numbers and email addresses of specific financial analysts who could be contacted to provide opinions on Altria’s performance.

The takeaway

Effective online investor communications does not have to be expensive, as Altria’s simple but effective list of industry analyst contacts demonstrates.

The list will be useful for Altria investors who do want to get in touch, or as a launching off point for further research into third-party opinions about the company. For others, a comprehensive list of industry analysts sends a message that the company is being transparent.

One element missing from the Altria table is the analyst ratings, but time-poor investors are still likely to appreciate the contact list help them make quick and informed decisions.
First published 21 April, 2020
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