Boeing : Confronting an issue comprehensively

Hub on corporate site offers a wealth of resources about the 737 MAX and the issues surrounding it.

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The feature

Boeing has created an online hub to provide information about its 737 MAX aircraft, which was involved in two tragic accidents and was subsequently grounded by aviation regulators.

Reached via a signpost on the home page, the section offers a variety of information on the company’s efforts to address the safety of the plane and return it to service.

There are official releases, a thorough set of Q&As, and a set of resources ranging from useful PDF downloads about the company’s safety approach, to links to background information on the aircraft and its design process housed elsewhere on the corporate site.

The takeaway

By promoting the hub so prominently on its main corporate home page, Boeing is clearly aiming to send the message that it is tackling the issues surrounding the accidents transparently.

The depth and breadth of the information is calculated to show the company’s commitment to improving the safety of its aircraft and aviation in general.

The fact that the digital team has managed to provide so much material, with an appropriately serious, sensitive tone across a series of formats from PDFs to press releases, is impressive.

Videos of employees addressing the accidents, and how Boeing is responding, add a welcome personal touch to counter-balance the drier releases and Q&As, and are especially impressive given the legal constraints we assume the whole section is under.

There are some usability glitches – carousels can obscure information and there are missed opportunities to link from the hub landing page to supporting information deeper in the section – but overall this is a good example of a company going as far as it realistically can on its website to confront a very difficult topic.
First published 28 October, 2019
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