Heineken : Comprehensive financial library

Dutch brewer provides a single archive for all its financial publications, saving investors from having to piece together documents from different pages.

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The feature

The ‘Results, reports, webcasts and presentations’ page on The Heineken Company’s website brings together all of the organization's financial publications in one central repository.

Users can filter by publication type, such as Quarterly Updates, or Annual Reports, and also by year, with a good depth to the archive back to 2010. Webcasts are included, as are presentations and other materials from investor conferences and events.

Side panels are used to promote the latest webcast, and media releases.

The takeaway

It is relatively unusual to see all of a company’s financial publications in one place: more typically, results, reports and webcasts are grouped together, with presentations offered separately.

Time-pressed investors and analysts will appreciate only having to visit one page on Heineken’s site to see and download all the financial material they may need.

There are deficiencies, though: formats are not indicated, and there is no facility to download multiple files at once – the briefcase feature that other companies offer would overcome this issue. The range of information could be wider too: quarterly results, for example, only offer a media release, with no Excel downloads or detailed background.

First published 03 August, 2020
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