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Corporate social responsibility professionals are well served by an unusually thorough sustainability contacts provision.

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The feature

Henkel, a German consumer products manufacturer, has a long history of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting. The company published its 24th sustainability report last week, outlining its three-pronged CSR strategy (based around ‘products’, ‘partners’ and ‘people’), as well as declaring interim and long-term targets to reduce its environmental footprint.

As part of the company’s CSR service, Henkel has a ‘Sustainability Contacts’ page on its corporate website with 10 named contacts. Each individual is identified with a headshot, job title, location, direct phone number (also available via Skype), direct email and downloadable business card.

The takeaway

Henkel’s CSR contacts provision is more thorough than most large corporates, even among those with good records on sustainability. CSR professionals will be pleased to have a detailed list of people to contact with queries. Job titles are clear – the listing delineates the head of the sustainability department, several contacts at manager level, as well as contacts for the company’s philanthropic foundation and specific initiatives – will help direct enquiries to the right place. The contacts page is found in the tertiary navigation, and well signposted from a left-hand menu. It is also linked from the online sustainability report, although only a generic email address is provided in the report PDF.

Having 10 named people dedicated to CSR says to the world that Henkel is open, transparent and takes sustainability issues seriously. Such detail will not be possible at other companies because few will have 10 members of staff dedicated to CSR. Companies with fewer resources can still benefit from following Henkel’s example, however. Providing one or two named CSR contacts, with headshots and direct contact details, is better than, say, giving a generic email address, and would also send a positive message about the company’s commitment to sustainability.

First published 11 March, 2015
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