Wacom : Complementing mobile design

A product website provides a coherent experience for mobile and desktop users.

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The Site

Wacom, Japan-based maker of graphics tablets and related products, harmonises a product site for mobile and desktop environments. Wacom has a site dedicated to its Bamboo range of tablets. The site’s design is distinct from Bamboo product pages on the global dotcom site, featuring dark backgrounds and bright accents of colour that match the branding of the products themselves. Visiting the site on a mobile device leads to a version that is optimised for use on small screens. It includes simplified navigation, but also replicates the distinctive aesthetics found on the desktop version, with neon-coloured elements that identify each of the products in the range appearing on deep-black backgrounds.

The Takeaway

With its intelligent use of design elements across the desktop and mobile versions of its Bamboo site, Wacom has clearly understood the importance of making users feel at home there regardless of the device they are using. Equipped with a shared colour palette, both versions of the site provide a common aesthetic, neatly upholding the company branding on mobile and desktop devices. That the mobile-optimised website retains much of the look and feel of the desktop version is due primarily to the inclusion of small accents of colour taken from the desktop site. While Wacom neatly provides cut-down content and touch-optimised navigation for mobile users, it is the direct translation of the Bamboo colours and branding that makes moving to the mobile version so much less jarring than on many other sites. Where other mobile sites sacrifice design in favour of usability, Wacom’s intelligent use of colour has found a happy medium, providing intuitive navigation in a environment that is well branded and strikingly harmonised in look and feel with the full desktop site.

First published 29 May, 2012
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