ThyssenKrupp : Communicating a new brand online

A German conglomerate creates a special section on its corporate website to explain how and why it adopted a new logo and slogan.

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The feature

ThyssenKrupp, a German industrials conglomerate with nearly 500 subsidiaries around the world, announced this month it would adopt a common brand across the company – ‘Engineering. Tomorrow. Together. – and launched a new logo as part of the initiative.

Unusually, it has created a special section on its corporate website to explain the reasoning behind the changes. The section, which is responsive, allows users to scroll through a number of sub-sections on how the new brand fits in with the group’s history; an interview with the chairman and communications director; and endorsements from politicians.

The takeaway

One of the main messages in the feature is that there will not be expensive publicity around the launch, and the brand will be rolled out gradually. In keeping with the soft-launch strategy, the website section is attractive, modern and well designed, but simple enough not to arouse suspicions that they overspent.

Many companies only communicate internally about a brand refresh, so ThyssenKrupp stands out for making it public. With so many employees and stakeholders around the world, the company may have decided that the corporate website was the most cost-effective way to communicate with everyone – internally and externally – all at once. It makes sense: if it’s not secret, why hide it?
First published 25 November, 2015
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