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The Site

Swedbank, a Sweden-based regional financial services group, offers an amalgamated press service that caters to contemporary journalists’ needs. Swedbank does not provide a conventional latest news and press release feature on its Newsroom landing page. Instead, the central content area is headed by a Top stories panel followed by a lengthy Latest updates column that has preview summaries of the 20 most recent additions across a range of formats. These cover press conference presentations, market-commentary videos from in-house analysts, research reports and blog posts as well as traditional press releases. The separate Newsroom archive is organised the same way. A set of six check-box filters corresponding to the different categories of content allows users to customise the listing, which shows all as the default setting. It can be used in conjunction with a Newsroom keyword search at the top of the page. Users can also click on tags within each search result to view all material in that category (for example, GDP, equity, Latvia). A Tags cloud is offered as an alternative topic-led initial filter.

The Takeaway

Seasoned journalists accustomed to a traditional news service based around press releases may be disorientated by Swedbank’s bundling of multiple formats into a single information repository. The complex filtering and tagging system is likely to add to their confusion and, at least initially, frustration. But it does work well once mastered and offers a richer, more rounded media resource than is to be found on most corporate sites. Indeed, Swedbank’s decision to provide this kind of multi-media news service highlights accelerating shifts in the broader media landscape. Journalists more and more now produce content online as well as in print; in video packages as well as in prose. For these multi-tasking journalists – as well as the new breed of expert blogger – a multi-format corporate news resource will be a destination well worth bookmarking.

First published 14 February, 2012
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