AXA : Clarity on diversity

The French insurance group's online inclusion and diversity section talks about the issues in accessible, clear language, avoiding corporate-speak.

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The feature

The 'Inclusion and Diversity' pages are located in the Careers section of AXA's corporate website. There is a succinct introduction, followed by a list of four priorities - 'reaching gender balance across the organization'; 'pride in bringing our whole selves to work'; 'we focus on ability rather than disability'; 'the generational mix at AXA'. A final paragraph explains how the 'I&D strategy' is implemented across the company through a company-wide advisory council.

Four further substantial sub-sections illustrate examples of inclusion and diversity in action regarding gender, LGBT, disability and age groups through articles, case studies and videos.


The takeaway

Many companies have added or improved their online diversity pages as the Black Lives Matter movement gained traction around the world, but few match the clarity and plain language of AXA's section - for example, 'You can be yourself at work'.

Diversity and inclusion is usually part of 'About' sections. It is notable that AXA makes its diversity and inclusion pitch in the Careers section, in a sub-section called, 'Why choose us', and positions it as a topic directly relevant to jobseekers, rather than a box-ticking exercise that is more about how the company wants to be seen.

The videos and brief case studies add value too, by highlighting the human side of the topic.

The 'Mix of generations' page is an interesting addition to the more standard topics of gender, LGBT and disability, because even though the page itself doesn't say very much, the fact that it is included means AXA is talking about the issue in a way that includes virtually every employee, not just those in specific groups.
First published 15 September, 2020
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