Daimler : Circulating traffic

An integrated social channel drives website traffic.

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The feature

Daimler, a Germany based automotive company, provides integrated routes between social media properties and its corporate website. Daimler’s primary YouTube channel features a large customised image panel above the main viewing area. The panel carries a link labelled ‘Check out our website!’ that opens the company’s corporate dotcom site in a new secondary window. Graphic links to the Daimler Twitter page and Daimler Career ‘wall’ on Facebook are also contained in the panel, with content again opening in a new window.

The takeaway

A link on a YouTube channel to an external site would of itself be unremarkable on a non-corporate property, but here the prominent link on what is Daimler’s main corporate channel is symptomatic of a level of integration rare for corporate web estates. The link allows the YouTube channel to perform neatly as a satellite that drives traffic towards the central dotcom property, while the panel in which it sits provides useful cross-links to other ‘satellite’ social media streams. They in turn have customised selections of links to the same community of channels. The range and consistent integration of channels with the corporate site strongly suggests Daimler’s website and its social channels are all being managed by the same team and with a clear strategy for exploiting their interconnectedness. Such a set up allows for a coherent traffic-direction plan across different channels and minimises the risk of poor usability and inconsistent messaging around the web estate resulting from an internal organisational disconnect.

First published 20 March, 2012
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