Deutsche Telekom : Chatbot-style answers to common questions

An automated FAQs generator effectively saves a company money and its website users time

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The feature

Pages throughout Deutsche Telekom’s corporate website have an ‘FAQ’ icon that ‘sticks’ to the right edge of the screen as the user scrolls. 
Clicking the icon opens a panel titled ‘Frequently asked questions’. The panel contains the following explanatory text:
 Simply enter your question, results on the topic will be displayed underneath the box.
‘No matching results? Click the “send” button and we will reply as soon as possible.
For information on tariffs, services or products please contact our service team.
‘Services team’ links through to a customer services contact page.
Users can type their question into a text box. A list of answers to relevant questions then appears in the bottom of the box, each in a click-to-expand panel. 
If users click ‘Send request’, they are presented with name and email address fields, which if completed can be used to email their question to Deutsche Telekom to be manually answered. 

The takeaway

Deutsche Telekom’s tool is an effective hybrid of a chatbot, an email contact service and a traditional FAQs section. 
It successfully encourages users to find answers to common questions without the need for the company to answer such questions manually, in a way that does not force the user to scan an extensive FAQs section to find an answer. This should save the company money and the user time. 
A drawback of many similar services – especially chatbots – is that they are too often unable to answer many questions that users ask, due to the limitations of the still relatively nascent technology underpinning them. 
The fact that Deutsche Telekom provides users of this tool with a prominently signposted ‘backup’ in the form of an email contact form means that this drawback is effectively
First published 02 July, 2019
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