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The feature

Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has lifted its profile globally and beyond with compelling content from its mission to the International Space Station. CSA astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield returned safely to Earth yesterday (13 May) after a mission to the International Space Station that had been reported by him across a range of social channels: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and a mission blog The CSA website provides a set of links to these (not the Facebook page) and other mission-related content such as an image gallery and official website in an In Focus panel on its home page titled Chris Hadfield – Astronaut Mission.

The takeaway

Commander Hadfield’s prolific social media output while in outer space has attracted almost as much global interest as a Star Wars or Steven Spielberg blockbuster. The video posted on Sunday (12th) was viewed by more than 6 million people within the first two days of its appearance on YouTube. His Twitter feed had attracted 914,000 followers by the time he touched down in Kazakhstan. And his regular Music Monday ‘sing-alongs’ from the space station encouraged hundreds of thousands to join in where they were.

These are numbers that ought to be as compelling to corporate online managers as the content of Commander Hadfield’s tweets, blogs etc clearly are to millions of people, most of who will never have heard of the CSA until now but have had their awareness of it and the International Space Station raised and their interest engaged by this adept use of social media. Content has long been heralded as the key to a successful mission to explain and build understanding of an organisation and its activities. Some companies are already boldly going down that route. They should take encouragement from where CSA has gone before them.
First published 14 May, 2013
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