BT : Candid snapshots

First-person stories and unfiltered images lend authenticity to graduate profiles.

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The feature

There are 16 profiles on the UK telecommunications giant’s graduate recruitment microsite, in four categories: ‘success stories’, ‘technology stories’, ‘training stories’ and ‘volunteering stories’. A filter at the top of the page lets visitors see all of the stories at once, or only the stories in one category. Clicking into any of the image panels enlarges the headshot and reveals the ‘story’, usually a one or two paragraph profile (and in one case a video interview).

The stories are told from the first-person perspective and briefly reveal aspects of life inside the company (or outside, doing charity work, in the case of the ‘volunteering stories’.)

The takeaway

We have seen more comprehensive and slickly designed online graduate profile libraries, but BT’s selection stands out for being genuine in a way that is rarely seen. The stories are relatively unfiltered and come across as authentic and appropriately enthusiastic, rather than having been edited into a bland corporate monotone. Patrick English, in one of ‘success stories’ says he is captain of a ‘Challenge Cup’ team competing to improve the customer experience at BT call centres. Teams come up with solutions, he writes, and then ‘pitch the project’s benefits, value and innovation to the CEOs at the final in Montecarlo!’

The accompanying headshots are apparently provided by the graduates themselves and help personalise the stories. Will Hoad, for example, is pictured in snowboarding gear, giving a thumbs up to the camera, as he relates a ‘technology story’, where he ‘worked alongside some truly genius developers’. Another graduate, part of a community programme to promote science and maths education, is pictured in a Santa hat.

These ‘real’ aspects of BT’s graduate profiles make them more convincing than most we have seen, and likely to sit well with the target audience.
First published 10 December, 2014
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