AMD : A CEO biography bursting with extras

Links to interviews on third-party news sites, a choice of photo downloads and an embedded Twitter feed are among the many value-added features on the US chip maker's chief executive biography page. 

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The feature

The biography page for Dr Lisa Su, AMD's president and chief executive, includes:

  • 16 links to details of 'awards and accolades' on third-party sites, including Fortune, CNN and Bloomberg.
  • Thumbnail images of two different photos of Dr Su, with links to both low and high resolution downloads for each.
  • A further link to a dedicated 'Lisa Su image gallery', housing a large number of other photos of the CEO.
  • Headlines of, and links to, articles and videos featuring Dr Su on a wide range of third-party news sites, including Barron's and the Wall Street Journal.
  • An embedded feed from Dr Su's own Twitter account.
  • A large pull-quote from Dr Su, encapsulating what she sees as AMD's key focus and strength.

The takeaway

The breadth and depth of the value-added extras on AMD's CEO biography page are unusual, but worth emulating by web teams at other companies for a number of reasons. 

First, journalists will find the choice of image downloads and the links to recent articles and interviews valuable for their own research and reporting. 

Second, a wider range of audiences, from jobseekers and customers to potential partners and investors, will appreciate the valuable insight provided via the links materials by and about Dr Su on third-party news sites, as well as on her own Twitter feed. 

Finally, providing links to material on third-party sites conveys an impression of confidence and pride in Dr Su's reputation in the wider technology and business worlds - and gives credibility to her words and achievements to an extent impossible to achieve on the corporate site alone.
First published 14 June, 2021
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