Johnson & Johnson : Broadcasting Live, and on-demand

US healthcare giant adopts an innovative, transparent approach to deliver in-depth messages and valuable information.

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The feature

Johnson & Johnson has produced an eight-part live video series, ‘The Road to a Vaccine’, which examines developments towards a vaccine for Covid-19.

Episodes are between 30 minutes and an hour long, and involve scientists and other experts talking in detail about the challenges involved in the current crisis.

They are broadcast live on as well as the company’s social channels, but are archived prominently on the company website along with biographies of the presenter and expert interviewees.

Questions are invited from the public for future shows, in the videos and on the site, which also displays comments from viewers.

The takeaway

The format of this series is what makes this stand out: long-form live video, involving independent experts, which could be considered a risk in some corporate environments.

But with a professional TV reporter – Lisa Ling, currently of CNN – at the helm, the risk pays off and succeeds in creating a series that is interesting and informative.

Both the material and its presentation sends a powerful message about transparency at Johnson & Johnson.

It also subtly positions Johnson & Johnson as a serious, thoughtful leader in the Covid-19 response in a much richer way than ‘standard’ material, such as press releases, or fact sheets, ever could. The way that intersecting issues are covered during the episodes – such as the Black lives Matter protests – underlines the company’s willingness to confront big topics.

The high production values, the attention to detail which surrounds their presentation on the J&J website, and the current break to plan a future season, demonstrates the effort that has gone into the series.

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First published 06 July, 2020
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