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Bold presentation helps sell the benefits of the company’s planes to key audiences.

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The feature

The Boeing website contains dedicated pages for the various aircraft models the company produces, under the heading ‘Commercial’ in the main menu.

Each of these pages contains a lot of information, attractively presented using different formats, which communicates the various features and benefits of the aircraft.

The page for the 787 Dreamliner is one example. A large image of the plane in flight fills most screens on initial view. A series of anchor links at the bottom of the image takes users to the various sections of the page, including ‘Technical Specs’, ‘New Routes’, ‘Feature Stories’, ‘Videos’, ‘Customers’ and ‘Dreamliner effect’.

Some of these in-page sections contain further interactive panels which are used to provide more detailed information.

Other sections lead to deeper sub-pages, such as the ‘787 Dreamliner by design’ section where the ‘Learn more’ link takes users to a page where they can view the aircraft’s features by relevance to audience groups (such as pilots or airline executives), or by topic (such as ‘passenger experience’ or ‘noise’).

The takeaway

The bold presentation, use of interactivity and different formats makes the most of the online medium to present a lot of information in an engaging way that works well on screen, without resorting to long, text-based product descriptions.

The mix of videos, highly polished photography, interactive images and 360-degree tours creates a dramatic visual effect, which draws users in and encourages them to explore in greater detail.

Boeing has clearly considered its key audiences, and serves them with snippets of clearly-labelled information which are designed to appeal to them, rather than trying to create a single product description to satisfy everyone.

It is clear that airline executives – the people who would actually buy the planes - are the priority. For example, video testimonials on the Dreamliner’s benefits, from previous airline customers, directly appeal to the target market.

Boeing even incorporates user-generated content, using the hashtag  #Dreamliner Stories to obtain social media stories from passengers. It then displays them on an interactive map which can be filtered according to airline or location.
First published 22 November, 2017
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