Mondelez International : Brand new history

A relaunched corporate website puts timelines of famous brands where visitors are most likely to see them.

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The feature

Mondelez International, the US-based owner of some of the most famous snack brands in America, includes history timelines in the ‘Our Brands’ section of its global corporate website, which it recently relaunched.

The brand pages for Oreo cookies, Philadelphia cream cheese, Tang juice drink and others house ‘History’ panels, with interactive timelines charting the brand’s creation to modern times. For example, ‘Oreo’ begins in 1912 – ‘The first Oreo is produced at Chelsea Market bakery, Manhattan, NY, U.S. and sold in bulk tins' – and takes readers through name changes, new variations and global expansion, ending in 2012: ‘Oreo celebrates its 100th birthday and asks the world to celebrate the kid inside.’

The takeaway

It is a good idea to put engaging editorial material in places visitors are most likely to come across it, and that includes corporate history information.

For companies using the past to make a point about the present – for example, ‘we are inventive and socially responsible and always have been’ – it makes sense to provide individual brand histories.

Many of the customers, jobseekers and other audiences visiting Mondelez International’s ‘Our Brands’ section may not have been specifically looking for the history of brands, but will likely find the information interesting and useful nonetheless.

Publishing individual brand histories does not mean a general history section is unnecessary, but the two resources can and should complement each other (and have plenty of cross-links).
First published 07 April, 2020
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