SpaceX : Propelling jobseekers

An embedded live video of a rocket launch ends by encouraging jobseekers to explore the Careers section of the corporate website.

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The feature

On 6th February 2018, US aerospace and space transport company SpaceX broadcast the test launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket via a live embedded YouTube video signposted on its corporate site’s home page.

The 35-minute video was presented by SpaceX employees (including an engineer from the firm’s avionics department) and took the style and structure of a television news programme. 

The live broadcast included video feeds from various parts of the rocket, as well as shots of SpaceX employees gathered to watch the launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The video concluded with one of the presenters saying:

‘If you would like to join us on exciting projects like these, please visit’ – to the loud applause of colleagues gathered around him.

After the live broadcast, the video remained on the corporate site (as well as YouTube) for users to replay it.

As of 12th February 2018, the video had been viewed more than 19 million times.


The takeaway

Of course, it is not possible or appropriate for many companies to launch products or projects as literally and spectacularly as SpaceX.

But the idea of producing television news style videos of major company events in-house, and broadcasting them live via the corporate site, is one that many firms could borrow – as is SpaceX’s decision to use the opportunity to harness interest and excitement around the event to drive potential future recruits to the Careers section.
First published 12 February, 2018
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