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The food giant’s careers site effectively promotes not only itself – but also the attractions and amenities of the US cities in which it operates.

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The Site

The careers site of Kraft Foods Group, the American grocery conglomerate, has a section selling its locations around the US, signposted from the main navigation bar. The landing page, titled ‘Where it’s all made’, features a large Google map of the US, with pins for the places where Kraft has operations. Clicking on any of the pins calls up a panel with the city name, and links to jobs on offer, as well as an invitation to ‘Find out more about this location’.

Two cities are highlighted as ‘focus’ cities – Northfield, Illinois, where Kraft has its corporate headquarters and Madison, Wisconsin, described as another headquarters and a manufacturing plant. The ‘focus’ pages go beyond a description of the company’s facilities and provide a photo gallery of the city, a video produced by the Madison visitors’ bureau, practical information about housing, schools and the weather, as well as profiles of employees talking about living there.

The Takeaway

The ‘focus’ sections on Madison and Northfields are carefully curated and clearly presented for jobseekers wondering whether they want to locate to the American Midwest. On the Madison landing page, there is a left column panel listing awards the city has won – an effective way of highlighting its ‘livability’. The embedded video produced by the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau is a cost-effective use of third-party content.

The click-to-expand panels with information on cultural activities, transport, schools, etc, are concise, and have a direct, yet friendly tone. Profiles with employees who live and work in Madison address a lot of the anxieties prospective jobseekers might have – everything from not knowing the city very well, to what kinds of restaurants and nightlife there might be and attractions for families. The material shrewdly acknowledges the stereotypes about this part of the US (not least its reputation for being rather dull), and turns a potential liability into a strength by answering those implied criticisms directly and with compelling evidence.
First published 20 May, 2015
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