BNP Paribas : An online forum for jobseekers

A microsite that allows jobseekers to get thier questions answered by existing employees conveys the impression of a confident, open and innovative workplace. 

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The feature

The Careers section on the French language version of BNP Paribas’ corporate website promotes a microsite titled ‘Job Preview’. 


The microsite, which is structured like an online forum, is designed to allow jobseekers to ask questions to existing employees about life working inside the French international banking group. 


Users can also view answers to other users’ past questions (searchable by keyword and topic), and read simple ‘Q&A’ style profiles of each of the ‘ambassador’ employees answering questions.


During our March 2019 visits, there had not been new answers added for some months. But the viewing figures for the most recent answers suggests that the site is reaching a healthy number of jobseekers: one answer from October 2018 had been read more than 1,000 times, for example.  


The microsite, which is available in French only, also offers feeds from the bank’s various social media channels, and links to other careers-related information elsewhere on its web estate.

The takeaway

This microsite has a number of benefits for both BNP Paribas and its potential recruits.


First, it sends the message that the bank has a culture that encourages openness – and has the confidence to let its own employees sell its benefits as a workplace.


Second, it conveys the impression that the bank is innovative – at least when it comes to its approach to recruitment.


Finally, it provides jobseekers with direct insight from employees into the bank as a workplace, and is an efficient way of getting their own particular questions answered.
First published 04 March, 2019
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