Starbucks : An effective blend on Facebook

The well-managed ‘Starbucks Partners’ Facebook page presents the US coffee company as a lively, supportive place to work.

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The feature

Starbuck’s Partners, the company’s Facebook page for employees, is prominently signposted from the Careers section on its corporate website. It has more than 342,000 likes and frequent posts, which receive an unusually high number of shares and comments.

For example, the top item from our most recent visit – an image of a coffee scoop with the headline, ‘Do you call this the spoodle or the magic coffee wand?’ – had been posted 10 hours previously. It had already received 372 ‘likes’, ‘hahas’ and ‘loves’, plus 82 comments, most of them positive. Other posts receive similar levels of engagement.

The takeaway

The Starbucks Partners Facebook page is a good example of how a corporate Facebook presence can become a true online ‘community’. Its followers are unusually engaged, which could be the result of the fact there are nearly 350,000 of them, or incentive programmes, or both.

The result is an effective blend of internal and external communications – a lively online forum that helps motivate existing employees and promotes the company to jobseekers as a good place to work.
First published 31 August, 2016
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