GSK : Addressing jobseekers’ Covid concerns

The pharmaceutical giant complements its Covid hub with a page to attract job applicants during the pandemic.

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The feature has a page in its Careers section outlining aspects of GSK’s response to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

As well as letting its audience know that recruiting continues, the page sets out brief details of GSK’s virtual selection process, alongside some practical tips for navigating it.

Some context is provided too, reassuring jobseekers that the company is contributing to the global fight against the virus, while following the relevant local guidance to keep patients and employees safe.

The takeaway

This is one of the first examples we have found of an organization going beyond a general Covid-19 hub or page, which GSK also provides.

The two pages would be even more effective if they were linked together, since the general page is advertised prominently in the site header and may be more readily found by jobseekers. It could also be better linked to other resources related to virtual recruiting.

Many companies now have coronavirus hubs, but digital managers should consider whether some audiences could use a Covid-related page specifically for them as the pandemic continues. At GSK, directly addressing questions jobseekers may have about what the pandemic means for recruitment is a powerful sign that the company is considering the needs of one of its most important audiences. The page is likely to help attract applicants and help deflect questions from the HR team.


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First published 09 February, 2021
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