Abbott Laboratories : A useful expert-finder for journalists

The US healthcare company provides a comprehensive directory for media professionals seeking specialists to interview.

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The feature

The Newsroom section of Abbott’s corporate website has an ‘Experts’ sub-section
Here, journalists can browse a grid displaying the photographs, names and areas of expertise of the company’s medical specialists. A menu in the right column allows users to filter the directory by topic – such as ‘brain health’ and ‘nutrition’. 
Clicking on an expert in the directory leads to a page containing a full biography, plus links to articles on third-party news sites featuring quotes from the specialist in question. 
Biography pages also have a prominent call to action – ‘On deadline? Contact Us’. This link leads to a ‘mailto’ email address for a named press officer.
The ‘contact us’ links on different biography pages lead to a variety of named press officers, who cover dedicated business areas, as shown on the company’s ‘Press contacts’ page

The takeaway

Abbott’s extensive Experts directory aimed at journalists is particularly appropriate for a healthcare company – because journalists covering the company will likely want to ask about complex topics.
However, as other complicated issues such as sustainability and climate change rise up the news agenda, companies in other sectors, such as energy, should consider adding similar provisions to the media sections of their corporate sites.
The links to third-party news articles and the inclusion of named press officers on expert biography pages are effective elements worth emulating – as is the neat topic filter on the Experts landing page.
If Abbott provided telephone numbers as well as email addresses for press officers on the biography pages, journalists would be even happier.
First published 19 November, 2019
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