Apple : A thoughtful recap of key points

A summary at the bottom of a long product information page helps users to digest complex information.

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The feature

Technology giant Apple published an information page for the latest model of its iPad tablet when the product was launched in September 2019.
The page is long-scrolling on both a desktop and mobile screen. It contains 11 visually rich panels, each explaining one of the iPad’s key features.
Towards the bottom of the page, a headline reads ‘Did you catch all that? Let’s recap.’ This is followed by concise summaries of the features covered – each illustrated by an intuitive icon. 

The takeaway

By providing a concise, well presented summary at the end of a long-scrolling and complicated product page, Apple makes it significantly easier for potential customers to digest the key elements of the complex information covered. 
Though this approach is clearly well suited to pages explaining sophisticated product features, it could be adopted in a range of areas of a corporate site; anywhere, in fact, in which the goal is to ensure that visitors leave the page with a sound understanding of a complicated subject. 
However, the success of Apple’s approach depends on visitors bothering to scroll down a page at all. Many loyal customers may well do so to find out about an exciting new product. But in some less-thrilling areas of a corporate site, it would be wiser to put summary information at the top as well as bottom of long pages.
First published 16 September, 2019
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