Google : A powerful cross-channel community campaign

A recent online campaign supporting recovery from addiction skilfully cuts across channels and audiences.

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The feature

Google marked ‘National Recovery Month’ in September in the US with a ‘Recovery Together’ online campaign.
Resources included: 
  • A microsite with video profiles, a locator map to help people find help near them, a blueprint for how to get involved and other resources.
  • A post on the corporate blog announcing the campaign and a post linking it to Google’s public policy support for fighting opioid addiction in the US. 
  • Twitter posts linking to the site and YouTube video profiles of people recovering from addiction, including a Google employee.

The takeaway

The Google campaign is well worth looking at for ideas about how to create a corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign that integrates digital channels and targets multiple audiences; and links them all in an intelligent way. 
The editorial approach – factual but highly engaging – is the key to the its effectiveness. There is nothing promotional, which is appropriate to the seriousness of the issue. Eight video stories are powerful and well produced. The microsite is interactive and has several ‘calls to action’ to get visitors involved.
The campaign is also cleverly positioned to target several of Google’s audiences – the general public, the media, jobseekers, employees and public policy professionals.
First published 08 October, 2019
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