Netflix : A podcast for jobseekers

A one-hour podcast is unusually open about hiring practices and company culture

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The feature

Netflix, the fast-growing US media streaming company, has a podcast on its careers microsite, ‘How We Hire at Netflix’. Produced in May 2018, it is the second in a series of podcasts on all aspects of the company, ‘We Are Netflix’, which has been running since March.

In the podcast, a presenter interviews two representatives from the human resources department, covering the company’s self-starting culture – ‘some people will thrive in this environment and some will not’; the interview process and how salaries are negotiated; as well as controversial issues in the technology sector such as diversity and ‘implicit bias’ in job interviews.

The takeaway

The podcast is unusual for its openness and its length. The guests appear to be answering spontaneous questions, and although the interviewer doesn’t probe too far and they don’t give away any trade secrets, the treatment of controversies is far more open than in most corporate productions.

At nearly an hour, it is much longer than most corporate podcasts, perhaps mirroring the current fashion for ‘long-form’ articles. The length and openness will likely appeal to many jobseekers.

However, those pressed for time (which include jobseekers with families, who are mentioned in the podcast) may not have time to listen to all of it; and there no context provided for them, such as a summary, bullets or excerpts.

For example, one of the most interesting tidbits comes at the end, in a discussion about salaries. For ‘80 to 90 per cent’ of candidates, they are asked to accept a job before knowing what the salary will be, because Netflix knows it already pays at the ‘top of the market’. Some potential hires, who stop listening before the end, may never hear about that.
First published 05 September, 2018
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