Google : A feed that adds intrigue

An animated grid of live search terms brings the technology giant’s otherwise-uninspiring new corporate home page to life.

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The feature

Google provides a panel on its recently-revamped corporate home page that shows ‘what the world is searching for now’. The panel consists of a grid of cells, each in one of Google’s brand colours. The cells constantly expand and contract to reveal search terms that the company claims are currently being keyed into its search engine. The search terms appear on letter at a time, as if they are being manually typed in.

The takeaway

Most of Google’s new corporate home page is more conventional, and less distinctive, than ever before. The panel links promoting ‘Our values in action’ are an example of this. But the animated grid of search terms is visually striking; editorially interesting; immediately conveys an impression of innovation; and vividly illustrates the company’s core service in action.
First published 12 July, 2017
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