Amundi : A different take on the employee video

An asset management firm uses humorous outtakes from the making of its employee videos. 

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The feature

Paris-based asset manager Amundi has a series of employee video profiles on the human resources pages of its ‘About’ microsite. Most are fairly conventional -- showing a number of employees at work and sitting down to talk about their jobs and life at the company.

The first video, however, entitled ‘Making Of’ is a ‘blooper’ reel – a compilation of humorous mistakes and retakes during filming. The video is in French, with English subtitles, and shows the employees who were profiled laughing, fluffing their lines, asking to start again, or making fun of the process itself.

The takeaway

Coming across the ‘Making Of’ video is a pleasant surprise when jobseekers might expect a more serious look at life at an asset management company. Placing it before the more sober and conventional profiles makes it more likely that jobseekers will click on the others.

The employees in the video acknowledge, and make a bit of fun out of, the inherent artifice in these kinds of productions, and they invite the viewer to be ‘in on the joke’. Publishing the video also shows that the company does not take itself too seriously.

There are drawbacks, but mainly around signposting and context. It is fairly hidden – on a page ambiguously titled ‘Trades and men’. You have to scroll down to see it, and even the headline, ‘Making Of’, could be clearer. It is potentially confusing until after you see what the video is about. Still, the video itself makes it more likely that Amundi will stand out among other asset managers trying to ‘sell’ their company to prospective employees.

First published 05 August, 2015
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