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Central Intelligence Agency : Instagram in a secret culture

The US government service has established a distinctive presence on Instagram for recruitment and reputation building.

Valmet : Blogging for investors

Investors can benefit from the informality of a blog, but the IR team must commit to regular updates.

Nike : Sportswear in the world

The sports apparel company has informative and visually engaging online locations pages for jobseekers.

AMD : A CEO biography bursting with extras

Links to interviews on third-party news sites, a choice of photo downloads and an embedded Twitter feed are among the many value-added features on the US chip maker's chief executive...

European Central Bank : Clarity of purpose

The European Central Bank's 'About' landing page cleverly reinforces the organization's reputation by providing a concise explanation of what it does and the benefits to society....

Lockheed Martin : Desktop voice search

American security and aerospace company enables voice search on its corporate website

ASML : Communicating complex technology

A Dutch semiconductor company’s educational feature serves visitors and reinforces the company’s reputation for expertise and innovation.

Verizon : Blockchain for corporate digital communications

Verizon is using blockchain’s secure ledger technology to ensure the authenticity of company press releases.

AMD : Prominent and plentiful performance data

The US semiconductor maker's corporate site provides easy to find and comprehensive social, environmental and financial reporting information.