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Novartis : Media-friendy financial results round-tables

Senior executives at the Swiss pharmaceutical giant discuss the company’s quarterly financial results in brief, informal videos aimed at journalists.

RBS : A clever approach to supporting stories

An interesting new approach to integrating rich media without distracting from core copy on the UK banks Black History Month blog posts.

Boeing : Confronting an issue comprehensively

Hub on corporate site offers a wealth of resources about the 737 MAX and the issues surrounding it.

T-Mobile US : A useful route-finder for prospective employees

The US mobile network operator provides a simple but useful tool to help jobseekers check their journey to work.

Google : A powerful cross-channel community campaign

A recent online campaign supporting recovery from addiction skilfully cuts across channels and audiences.

H&M : Sustainability comes into fashion

A handful of the Swedish fashion retailer’s consumer websites have prominent ‘Sustainability’ sections for customers. 

BNY Mellon : A baffling contact mechanism

The investment bank’s site features a contact service that is simultaneously sophisticated and crude.

Apple : A thoughtful recap of key points

A summary at the bottom of a long product information page helps users to digest complex information.  

Netflix : Selling the company internationally

A well-executed video on LinkedIn features Europe-based employees discussing whether the US headquarters makes all the decisions.