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PepsiCo : Glossary of CSR policies and positions

The US food and beverage company provides an A-Z guide to its activities and views relating to a wide range of social, environmental and governance issues.

Facebook : Hacking the FAQ

The social networking giant uses named authors to build credibility.

United Nations : An over-abundance of icons

Substituting navigation for icons leads to a confusing user experience

Cisco Systems : Putting trust in technology

An online ‘Trust Center’ confronts doubts about the technology sector in a pitch to customers.

Abbott Laboratories : A useful expert-finder for journalists

The US healthcare company provides a comprehensive directory for media professionals seeking specialists to interview.

Novartis : Media-friendly financial results round-tables

Senior executives at the Swiss pharmaceutical giant discuss the company’s quarterly financial results in brief, informal videos aimed at journalists.

RBS : A clever approach to supporting stories

An interesting new approach to integrating rich media without distracting from core copy on the UK banks Black History Month blog posts.

Boeing : Confronting an issue comprehensively

Hub on corporate site offers a wealth of resources about the 737 MAX and the issues surrounding it.

T-Mobile US : A useful route-finder for prospective employees

The US mobile network operator provides a simple but useful tool to help jobseekers check their journey to work.