A new knowledge network

The Bowen Craggs Club is an exclusive network for the most engaged online corporate communications professionals, aimed at individuals and companies who believe in the need for world-leading corporate web estates. Although most group members work in Fortune 500 corporations, we welcome senior managers from public sector and non-governmental organizations with responsibility for large web presences.

Serious about online communications, want to excel, and to learn from and help others? Get advice and research you can count on when making crucial choices for your company.

Coming together through The Club to explore ideas and issues, online communications professionals from very different organizations discover they are facing the same challenges and, crucially, can share ways to tackle them.

The Club helps its members across Europe, North America and Asia stay in touch with key operational and strategic issues - and how they are being addressed by their peers around the world.

Membership benefits

Member-hosted member-only events

The opportunity to network exclusively with fellow professionals in an informal environment is as big a draw as the topics on the agenda.

Meetings are always hosted by a network member and are held at locations around the world. More than 50 meetings have been held since 2003. Club members can attend as many meetings as they wish or keep up to speed through the Club's community platform and the annual Web Effectiveness Conference.

While the meetings and conference are based around topical issues, they invariably develop into lively discussions that reveal practical insights into current challenges and future opportunities for online communications.

Unique market research

Bowen Craggs facilitates market research among The Club community. 

Need to know how to deal with specific issues? Ask the group and get real answers fast.

Special interest groups provide opportunities to share knowledge on topics such as measurement, governance, high performing digital teams, and content and channel strategy.

Membership criteria

There is no cost to join but membership is subject to acceptance and participation in the Digital Management Benchmark. Applicants must be senior industry professionals working for large corporate or public sector/non-governmental organizations, and typically fall into one of the following categories:

Senior executive

Senior executive manager with strategic, financial and decision making accountability for corporate digital communications. Typically reports to senior vice president eg, Head of corporate communications.

Digital manager

Senior web professional with experience in managing one or more sizeable web estates. Responsible for managing the digital team and delivery of content publishing, measurement and editorial.

Digital practitioner

Experienced hands-on content manager typically responsible for the health of the .com website, or a specialist in measurement, usability or search engine optimisation.