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Today’s online communications teams face a tough reality: growing scope of responsibility and not enough resources.

This conference brings you something unique – a global network of peers to share problems with and learn from others facing the same challenges as you. And keep an eagle eye on the latest developments - which ones signal real shifts, and which are passing fads? Delegates learn how to save time and money by attending WEC.

94% of past delegates said it was 'excellent' or 'very good' for networking with peers


Why attend?

The Web Effectiveness Conference helps you tackle your communications challenges.

  • The only event dedicated to online communicators at global organisations: we focus on the external corporate website (or central websites of large, complex organisations), as well as on the‘extended web’ (blogs, social networking sites, off-platform channels such as YouTube, etc), mobile and apps.
  • Learn how to ensure your external web presence generates all the benefits it can by understanding the organisational and governance issues behind an effective web presence.
  • Informed debate and networking with your peers in other organisations. No sponsors or exhibitors means that you can relax and talk freely.
93% of past delegates said this is 'the best' or 'better than most' conferences they have attended

Who should attend?

  • Leaders in online communications who recognise the improvement potential of sharing best practice with their peers in an informal environment.
  • Chiefs of corporate communications in global corporate and other large organisations – private, public or non-governmental – who set objectives for online communications.
  • Managers, vice-presidents and other executives in online or digital communications charged with creating and sustaining effective web estates.
  • Members of The Bowen Craggs Club and companies featured in the Bowen Craggs Index of online excellence.


Our 2016 conference in Copenhagen