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Our European conference is held in June, visiting a different city each year...

Bringing together the best in online communications

Lisbon 2018

Our key theme in Lisbon was communicating across cultures. We also considered the ongoing challenges and opportunities posed by measurement, governance and editorial strategy. The immensely popular UX clinic, run by Jon Dodd, returned for a second year.

As ever, we had one eye on the future while maintaining a clear focus on the issues facing online communications teams today.

Our Keynote Karen Cvitkovich, leading cross-cultural consultant, set the tone and opened debate with her fascinating talk on the challenges of communicating around the world. Speakers from companies including Amazon, BP, Novo Nordisk, and Verizon covered topics from measuring digital effectiveness, managing a major rebrand and relaunch in near total secrecy, and the challenges of governance across complex organizations, to telling the brand story and the increasing demands on corporate sites to serve customers and drive sales.

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2018 Agenda

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Barcelona 2017

A challenge for every online manager is getting their bosses and colleagues to understand why online communications matters and how they must work together to make it effective

We were delighted to have Simon Saville as our keynote speaker. Simon had just retired after 16 years running Shell’s digital comms - not everything has been a triumph, as he told us, but getting governance - the art of getting one's own way - right has been key to the many successes his team had.

We also had speakers from GSK on using benchmarking and survey data to provide the evidence sceptical colleagues demand, and SAP and Aegon on generating the best quality content from colleagues around the world. We even had a magician who specialises in helping managers persuade &hellip

As always, we also looked forward, over the horizon - Michael Schmidtke of Bosch explained how the Internet of Things will change our content and our communication.

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2017 Agenda

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Copenhagen 2016


Allister Frost - Digital reality check - the view from inside marketing


David Bowen on Web Effectiveness in 2016


Amsterdam 2014