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Our ever popular annual get-together has a new name: the Bowen Craggs Conference. It reflects shifts we have been covering for many years - the spread out from web to social media to all the other channels and techniques communicators need to master.

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But next year's conference will go further, with a focus on developments that are much discussed but little understood - AI, bots and virtual reality for starters - looking hard at how they might be relevant to your professional lives. We will look too at the close future - personalisation, the way forward for social media - and of course we will cover the old favourites, from measurement via video to governance.

This year we will be meeting at the Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof Hotel. We will update this page as the agenda takes shape.

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Keynote: Dr Ian Pearson, Futurologist.

How will online communications develop? Ian will take us from the near to deep future, deploying his formidable record of prediction to help us see the way.

Ian was BT's Futurologist for more than 15 years and now runs Futurizon, a futures institute. His 1800+ inventions range from text messaging and the active contact lens to driverless transport and space travel. A Fellow of the British Computer Society, the World Academy of Art and Science, and the World innovation Foundation, Ian writes, lectures and consults globally on all aspects of the technology-driven future.

Headline times

Registration opens at 08:30 for a 9am start on Tuesday 18th June, and day 1 will close at 17:30, with a conference dinner at 19:00.
Day two opens at 09:15 on Wednesday 19th June and closes at 15:30 to allow delegates to make evening flights. We will be hosting informal drinks until 16:30 to allow a final networking opportunity for those who have a little more time.

Speakers announced

Scott Payton, Managing partner, Bowen Craggs & Co
Tomorrow, today
Bots, personalisation, voice recognition and more: a tour of innovative features on corporate web estates that show us glimpses of the future.

Mark Seall, Group head of digital communications, Siemens
Stephanie Chalmers, Group head of content & newsroom, Siemens

Siemens: The next big step

Marianne Perrin, Head of digital group communications, Total
Governance from the centre

Lisa Hayward, Community manager, Bowen Craggs & Co
Future tools: Research findings from the Bowen Craggs Club
Lisa will draw from our research to give an update on which tools and new technology our club members are using now.

Three speakers will demonstrate unsual tools they are using now:

Massimo Guarnieri, Digital strategy and identity manager, Eni
Future tools: Powering a new generation corporate search engine
Massimo will show how the search enginge on can produce impressive results, and describe the careful construction of hte databse behind it.

Jorunn Frafjord, Head of digital channel operations, Norsk Hydro
Future tools: Machine translation for the intranet and beyond
Jorunn will demonstrate the machine translation being used on the intranet that may well be adapted for the

Rachel Cooper, Director of digital content, GSK
Hiring journalists: The good, the bad and ugly
As large organizations seek to tell their stories to the outside world, it makes increasing sense for them to exploit the skills of professional storytellers. Rachel was a business journalist on a UK national newspaper, before she made the switch to a corporate editorial team. She will tell us what skills journalists bring, where these do and do not map on to those needed by a corporation, and how to train new employees to make the switch successful. She will also look at training non-journalists in editorial skills, and how to create teams that serve both external and internal comms with the words and videos they need.

Carrie Sloan, Vice president, Global content lab, Johnson & Johnson
Awakening a quiet giant: How J&J began telling its stories
Johnson & Johnson is one of the largest companies in the world, but until a few years ago it was happy to be 'the quiet giant', known best for its consumer-facing products. Then, along came social media, and management realised the need for the company to tell its own story in an age when everyone had an opinion, and a platform, but perhaps not the facts. Carrie Sloan was given the job of creating a powerful online presence what would both build and defend the compnay's reputation. The result is the top scorer in Bowen Craggs' Explain Yourself Index. She will explain how she created the strategy, built the team, and developed a balance between stories on the web and in social media. There were plenty of challenges to tackle, including a huge reputational crisis or two to manage through - as well as the day-to-day strategies of SEO, KPIs and ROI that more than provide the daily bread of online managers.

Ferhat Soygenis, Head of content & digital for Corporate communications, Nestle
Nestle's formula for social media response

Linda Brunner, Vice president, Digital engagement, Siemens Healthineers
Old company, new company: Building a corporate presence essentially from scratch
Siemens Healthineers is one of the largest medical equipment companies in the world, but it is also a brand new company. Its demerger from Siemens has brought many challenges, not least for Linda Brunner, its head of digital engagement. From separating the technology to adapting to new branding to getting a new and distinct story out, her tale will cover many of the issues of a merger, though with its own set of twists. She will tell her story so far, triumphs and disasters included, and will lay out the lessons she has learned.

David Bowen, Founding partner, Bowen Craggs & Co
Excavating the 2019 Index of Online Excellence
Bowen Craggs will have recently published the latest edition of its much-followed ranking of online high achievers in the corporate world. We will have dug up trends and stories, which David will present with a mass of best practice.

Andrew Rigby, Head of consultancy integration, Bowen Craggs & Co
hosting a panel of experts from companies, including Verizon and BP
Measurement: The big debate
A panel will be at the centre of what we are sure will be a lively discussion around all the topics of measurement. With a range of experts on the panel and Bowen Craggs' Andrew Rigby in the chair, we hope many delegates will join in with questions or comments.

A taste of our 2018 conference in Lisbon

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