The Bowen Craggs Conference 2020

Explaining your purpose

Important update

We are replacing the June 2020 Bowen Craggs Conference with a programme of virtual events. However, in light of the speed at which the Coronavirus situation is developing, we have decided to pause the scheduling of this programme.

We will continue to keep a close watch on the situation as it evolves, and will announce further details at an appropriate time.

Our main theme: "The role of companies in society is being questioned and redefined. How should digital communicators respond?"

Our programme is designed to help you…
  • Improve your digital corporate communication with all audience groups
  • Articulate your company’s purpose more distinctively and authentically across all channels
  • Enliven your online channels with richer, more engaging material
  • Learn what investors, policymakers, consumers and other key audiences really want from your online social and environmental reporting 
  • Harness all employees’ potential as company advocates and ambassadors
  • Optimise your communications strategy to meet the demands of an increasingly volatile world
  • Share advice and ideas with your global peers
  • Discover lessons and best practice from the world’s leading online corporate communicators
Email us if you want to be kept up to date about our schedule of virtual events

Speakers include:

  • Owen Valentine Pringle, ActionAid
  • Roeland van der Heiden, AstraZeneca
  • Philipp Roßkopf and Jennifer Moore-Braun, BASF
  • Ben Jeffries, BP
  • Philip Fitz-Gerald, UK Financial Reporting Council’s Financial Reporting Lab
  • Stephanie Chalmers, Siemens
  • Lauren Melcher and Scott Henkemeyer, Target

Click to download the flyer for our 2020 conference

Click to download the flyer NB: this information predates our decision to move to a virtual event and is subject to change.











A taste of our 2019 conference in Berlin